Nimitz Enterprises Ltd.

Nimitz Enterprises Ltd.

Welcome to Nimitz Enterprises LTD official wiki website. The purpose of this website is to keep people informed about the progress that Nimitz is making regarding current and future projects, while also providing additional information about us and our commercial products.

***Please check out our commercial site for the most up to date information and documentation.***

In addition to this, hopes to act as a resource for information in the areas that we are currently involved in. Information will be provided through Nimitz official publications as well as a broad range of links to blogs, industry leaders, news sites, etc…  in the areas of cybersecurity and telecommunications for people to explore.

***Note: Nimitz is currently offering a test-unit for interested parties located within Canada, contact directly for more information.***

***Note: Nimitz is currently willing to provision a testing server for interested parties to attack in a real-world setting, contact directly for more information.*** is currently divided into several categories:

Nimitz Projects: section provides some general information about us as a company, our products and goals. As well as future projects.

Nimitz Products: section provides information about our current line of DDoS mitigation appliances.

Nimitz Progress: section provides information regarding real world  product testing and development.

DDoS News: section contains news articles about the DDoS attack landscape and Nimitz DDoS mitigation appliances.

DDoS Resources: section contains general information about different types of DDoS attacks, as well as links to industry leaders, blogs, news sites and RFC’s where individuals can find additional information about cybersecurity and DDoS attacks.

Contact: for more information. You can also reach us on: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter

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