Projects Nimitz

Nimitz Enterprises Ltd.

Nimitz is a distributed denial of service (DDoS) mitigation project that is currently in its 5th year of development and making rapid progress from theoretical research to real world testing and product distribution.

The Nimitz Project originated out of Canada in 2014. But since then has taken on a global presence and is currently being carried out by a small group of international specialists located across both North America and Europe. Its goal is to provide clients with an alternative and novel solution to DDoS attacks against organizations for whom traditional solutions may not have been financially feasible, effective or scalable. Without compromising network integrity or security.

Nimitz achieves this through the combination of  proprietary routing software technology coupled with standard industry hardware. Which we recognize as our 80/20 software/hardware solution.

Our revolutionary DDoS mitigating software provides clients with industrial grade protection without the risk of compromising security. It achieves this by passively scanning for attacks at network interfaces prior to them entering your network and not  inspecting or affecting legitimate network throughput.

When combined with standard industry hardware the end result is an affordable,  onsite, turn-key solution that requires minimal network configuration or setup. By providing an onsite solution we are able to deliver a product that provides 24/7/365 automatic protection without network degradation (e.g. latency)  or increased network vulnerability. This means that the client sets their own standard of excellence when it comes to security and does not need to rely on a third party to manage their data. Allowing them to fully utilize their networks capabilities.

Nimitz is currently targeting ISP’s, small to large networks and businesses ranging in size from small to enterprise who are finding difficulty in defusing DDoS attacks as large as 10Gbps (~5 million packets per second). However we also offer the possibility of scaling up in several orders of magnitude for clients with custom requirements. We believe that our proprietary software technology will allow us to scale into the multi-terabit (Tbps) range with nothing more than simple upgrades in physical hardware.

Future Projects

High Performance Routers: Vector Packet Processing (VPP) Currently in BETA testing, more information will become available by the end of March with production expected Summer of 2020.

Video Transcoding: Transcode multiple video streams for IPTV in a single, simple affordable package, downscale ~95% (currently unaware of product demand, currently being used by a few companies, contact directly for more information)